About Us

We intentionally and meticulously designed to have zero impact on the environment since we have been into the business with our eco – friendly products for more years which make us customer – friendly as well.
Our designs are unique, innovative and handy and long – lasting which cater to everyday requirements. Our aim is to produce goods for the planet and the people on it. Our brand helps you making a swing to a green and natural lifestyle with comfort.
We make our products in the most sanitized way. We handle both national and international markets by taking the different quality standards into account. Areca leaf plate or palm leaf plate, Sugar cane bagasse disposables, Paper straw and Birchwood wooden cutlery are our highly – creative and affordable products.

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Our motto is to choose the better products for the betterment of
the society and the environment.

When you look at the design of each of our product, you can see the
quality and utility at its core of its value. We always have an eye for
each and every detail and make certain that our products are made
of natural substances and packed with eco – friendly methods. This
makes us stand apart from other brands. At Ecoriti, we firmly believe
in that if each one of us comes forward to make a little change then,
together we all can change the world into plastic- free world.

To eliminate single-use plastic from the world
and to become world class manufacturers
with the objective of making our customers,
employees, society, environment and the
universe stick to nature.


We are devoted to be highly responsible
eco – friendly product manufacturer by
launching novel products with greater
quality and consistency and by enriching
our capabilities to compete in the global
market with zero environmental impact.

We have created a recent infrastructure unit at
our location since its inception.

This infrastructure unit is disseminated over a
large region and is fully equipped with state-of –
the-art machines. We guarantee that these
machines are maintained regularly so that their
operating life is smooth and uninterrupted. Our
infrastructure includes manufacturing, quality
control, sales and marketing, warehousing and
packaging management.

We have an exceptional team who offers unique
designs to all our products and make them string
and smooth, durable and notable. They think out
of the box to create compostable products which
are the best solution for all food service
applications and plastic – free environment.


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Team work


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